Cascara Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

New Deal Cascara Liqueur

51.2 PROOF | 25.6% ALC/VOL | 750ML


Handcrafted with Cascara, spirits, and pure cane sugar, our Cascara Liqueur brings a new taste to your cocktail toolkit highlighting the unique flavor of the coffee cherry fruit. This intriguing liqueur begins with raisin, candied fig, and cookie on the nose. It has a delicate, layered body that combines notes of dried apricot, black tea, honey, hay, baking spice, and maple with a long, persistent finish. Excellent as a simple syrup substitute, in dessert cocktails, or enjoyed neat after dinner. 

What is cascara?

Cascara (“husk” in Spanish) is the fruit of the coffee seed, sometimes called a coffee cherry. Usually, in the coffee production process, the fruit is discarded and only the coffee seed is retained. However, the skins can be dried and made into a rather pleasant-flavored tea. This led us to the idea of experimenting with making the cascara into a liqueur.

Where does it come from?

This coffee cherry came directly from the Paguaga family in Nicaragua, whose farm–Finca Los Congos–is located in the San Fernando mountains of the Nueva Segovia region where they have been cultivating the Caturra varietal of coffee for three generations.

Cascara Liqueur Cocktail Recipes

Cascara Daiquiri

Cascara Daiquiri

The perfect drink for enjoying the Portland Tropics made with New Deal Cascara Liqueur and Amber Rum.

Cascara Cup

Impress your guests with this new take on the classic Pimm’s Cup cocktail made with our Cascara Liqueur.

Cascara Sling

Cascara Sling

A delightful, sunny weather sipper made with our Portland Dry Gin 33 and Cascara Liqueur.

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